Lights Out Mode to Be Launched Soon by Twitter

Lights Out Mode to Be Launched Soon by Twitter – Android


Twitter, the highly popular microblogging website, has been making progress on a couple of recreations for its different platforms. Included in these redesigns is its ‘Lights Out’ or also known as all-black dark mode, fit for mobile phones.

Reportedly, this new dark mode will expectedly be arriving on the platform someday during the middle of September. Dantley Davis, Vice President, Design & Research of the company, recently tweeted that the feature of Lights Out, or all-black mode, for Android users is forthcoming.

Whilst it is good to eventually know that the app will arrive in mid-September, it is true that this will put it a number of months behind iOS.

During March, the Lights Out app for iPad and iPhone users was launched by Twitter. Launching its update for Android in September, means it is 6 months behind its schedule.

In a question, put to Davis concerning this delay, he answered that prioritization is the key reason for the delay.

Nevertheless, one can just hope that Twitter’s Android version of the dark mode feature will actually come sooner than later due to the fact that Android Q-software is pending. It will bring a dark theme across the entire system.

The desktop version of the dark mode feature, was launched by Twitter during 2017, whilst the company launched its iOs version during March 2019.

Desktop users have to take note that this dark mode feature has to be turned on & off manually.

On a desktop, night mode can be turned on. You have to click on your profile photo, then you have to scroll the cursor towards its Night Mode icon & click on it. Turning Night Mode off by clicking on its Night Mode icon and your Twitter account will be back to normal.

The Twitter website will get a redesign too, making it the same as the mobile app. This redesign will be focusing on uniting the mobile and desktop versions of Twitter.

Now the website, on the homepage, offers a bookmark tab which will allow you to save your tweets privately on your profile, should you want to view them at a later stage.

Lights Out Mode to Be Launched Soon by Twitter
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Lights Out Mode to Be Launched Soon by Twitter
Lights Out Mode to Be Launched Soon by Twitter
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