Police rescue people after firing in Mosque New Zealand

Live Streaming of Mosque firing in New Zealand


The Christchurch shooter’s live streaming got viral on the internet.

Mosque firing in New Zealand

New Zealand news official revealed that a gunman has live streamed the incident of firing the mosque audaciously on Facebook. He has attacked the Muslim worshipers in the mosque quite fearlessly. The camera was fitted on the helmet that he was wearing.

The local media reported that there were multiple dead bodies inside the mosque while more than 50 persons were injured and they were taken to the hospital for treatment. The emergency service vehicles are still at Linwood Masjid mosque and Al Noor Mosque in central Christchurch.

“The chilling POV video, confirmed by New Zealand media and verified by storyful, begins with a man in brown fingerless gloves driving through the streets of Christchurch towards the mosque.”

According to the video, the gunman has parked his car in the corner. He opened up the car boot where he has two black rifles. There was written something on the rifles with white ink. He has a petrol container and a bag in which “PROUDLY KIWI AS” was written.

He has opened the front door of the mosque and the started shooting blindly at whoever comes on his way.

Loading his gun multiple times, he has walked in and out of the rooms in order to make sure that everybody is dead.

In the 17-minutes video, the gunman has not spoken a single word. According to the witnesses, he was wearing a military uniform.

guy who fire in Mosque in New Zealand

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