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Load Wedding stars celebrated as an anti-dowry resolution is passed in Punjab Assembly


A resolution was presented in Punjab Assembly aiming at placing a ban on dowry system in Pakistan. Pakistani super hit film ‘Load Wedding’ was has conveyed the message about certain dowry systems existed in the countries. As the resolution is being presented, it unleashed a wave of celebration among the stars of the film.

The director of the film, Nabeel Qureshi has highlighted the prevalent issue of dowry in Pakistan led to a resolution that is being presented in the Punjab Assembly by Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) leader Uzma Zahid Bukhari who demanded that the age-old custom is shunned in society by law. Quite a wise step was taken by PML-N.

The lead actor of the film Mehwish Hayat turned to her Twitter handle and expressed her delight over the news saying: “I am so thrilled today to see this happening in #Pakistan we can change anything if we strive and try together.”


While we have also seen Fahad Mustafa posting in these words, “Finally, there will be no more #loadweddings”

According to the resolution presented in Punjab Assembly, the custom of dowry is a un-Islamic and demanded strict action against those who ask for it.

The 2018-released film was revolving around the story about the load of dowry that families have to bear in Pakistan to wed their daughters and how a celebratory occasion leaves several families indebted for life. What a pity!

The film has earned high praises from esteemed critics for highlighting an important social issue.

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