‘Lockdown still in effect, to be enforced vigorously,’ Murtaza Wahab

‘Lockdown still in effect, to be enforced vigorously,’ Murtaza Wahab


Karachi: Sindh chief minister’s law adviser, Senator Murtaza Wahab has informed the nation here on Thursday that lockdown restrictions are being made easy across the Sindh.

During a video message, Wahab said, “Following announcements made by the prime minister, a false impression has developed that the lockdown is now over”.

“On Tuesday, the chief minister made it categorically clear in his press conference that the lockdown is still in effect and will be even more vigorously enforced than before in Sindh,” he added.

While explaining the difference between the earlier lockdown and the new lockdown in effect is that “some export-oriented industries and some industries in the construction sector have been granted exemption on the prime minister’s insistence.”

Earlier, the Sindh CM was not agreeing to give exemption to any of the sector. However, now he has agreed to give exemption to two of the sectors.

“The Sindh chief minister decided to grant exemption to these two sectors on the premier’s request. But I will reiterate what the Sindh chief minister already made clear yesterday, not everyone has been granted an exemption.”

Some rumors are being made regarding the reopening of the shops of the tailor, salons and other related category. Murtaza Wahab cleared that these rumors have no truth in them. These are simply baseless. No orders are being passed regarding the reopening of these shops.

He stated, “The impression that tailor shops and salons are now open is false and baseless. No decision has been made in this regard by either the federal government or the Sindh government.”

Meanwhile, the country has recorded 561 new positive cases of coronavirus that is the highest number of confirmed tests conducted so far.

Sources revealed that the country has witnessed 561 cases in a day while the number of casualties is also rising day after day. With 17 patients dying from coronavirus in a single day, the total number of casualties has rose to 134.

According to the recent sources, the number of confirmed coronavirus cases has surged to 7,000.

Out of these cases, Punjab remains the worst hit by COVID 19 with total 3276 cases. Sindh remains at second with 2,008 cases.

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