Love Poetry


Love poetry or Romantic poetry is very popular among teenagers. The expressions of feelings or the feelings of love can be expressed easily with love poems. A great love poem asks a person to feel inside the heart about something special. It asks the reader to see the inside and outer beauty of things and human beings are same time. It tells or sends message that a particular person cannot express the feelings directly to someone.

Poetry gives à strength to the relationship. It can express the unspoken words in very effective way. Similarly, Love quotes have a positive message for all. It can reduce the heat of anger. It can bring the souls closer. Love poetry for friends keep the friendship bonds strong.

If You Are with Your Crush:

You can read the poems of love anytime when you feel alone. We will also mention some lovely poetry lines here so that you can save them and dedicate it to anybody. If you are in love at first sight or if you want to please your love partner with the poetic words, then it is a best option to send her/him special Romance Poems.

Best Love Quotes:

If you are broken due to any reason in relationship, then read what the voice of a poet says. Simple words do not clear the situation in effective way most of the times. Best Love quotes are exchanged on daily basis between couples to brighten up the moments. This becomes more valuable or get high weightage when one partner is far away. When the mood is off or you feel bad day then get help from Pyar poetry.

Check some 10 top love quotes for her;

  1. I would rather try to spend one lifetime with you my dear, than face all the ages of this world all alone.
  2. I look at you often my soul and observe the rest of my life in front of my eyes always.
  3. Now, I swear in my sense, I was not able to love you more than I do right now, and I am sure yet I know I will definitely tomorrow.
  4. Let me tell you think about you keeps me awake & active. Dreaming of you keeps me asleep in peace. Being with you keeps me alive in life.
  5. I choose you by my will. And I’ll choose you again and again, Without pause, without a little doubt, in a heartbeat. I’ll keep choosing you sweetheart.
  6. If you happen to live like hundred years, I want to live in a situation that 100 years would remind you my company and feeling.
  7. I want really, I could turn back the clock in full. I’d get you very sooner and love you longer and forever.
  8. I wish you know very well that each time I ask you to get home safe and sound, stay warm always, have a good blessed day, or sleep tight what I am really trying to call or express is I love you. Yup, I love you so much in real that it has started to steal other words’ meanings literally.
  9. I realized that you were completely perfect, and so I loved you a lot. Then I heard that you were not perfect from people and then I loved you even more.
  • I understood I was thinking of you in my sense, and I started to feel how long you’d been in my mind my beloved. Then it occurred to me clearly: Since I met you dear, you’ve never left me in any way and from any situation.

Sometimes we send love lines from a movie or drama. It also has effects but the main thing is it should be catchy titles.

Sad Love Poetry:

Sad love poetry is produced when you feel broken or when someone betrays you. Or some lovers try to cheat with tricks but finally they are exposed. The ultimate companion in such situations is to share sad love poems. It can share the burden of one person. It can give a bit relief when sad poems are read. The reader feels a poet is really reflecting the mental position of a person who just got broken heart.

Love Poetry in Urdu:

Love poetry in urdu is also important to check and save in our smartphones, especially if we belong to Pakistan. World’s existence is based on love feelings and respect feelings. Love is a thing which make our land peaceful. Love keeps the relations strong and it keeps the hearts young and energetic. Love poetry is a reflection of emotions. Romantic shayari in Urdu especially 2 lines love poetry is something which we need in our dry life.

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Check latest short 2 lines love poetry in Urdu

  1. Har Waqt hi Naya Chehra hai… Har Waqt hi Naya Wajood hai,
    Aadmi Ne bilaakhir Aaine Ko Bhi, Hairat Mein Daal  hi Diya Hai.
  2. Tabaah Hokar Bhi mery dost Tabahi Dikhti hi Nahi,
    Ye Ishq Hai meray aziz Iski Dava Kaheen bhi Bikti Nahin.
  1. Log aise hi talash krte Hain Ki Kon Fikarmand Hai,
    Varna Kaun Theek Ho jata Hai Yun  acahnak Haal Poochhne Se.
  1. Wo Saath Tha meray To Ek Lafz bhi Na Niklata tha Labon Se,
    Door Kya Huye ham… Kalam Ne teray Qahar bohat Macha Diya.

Urdu Poetry SMS:

So, these are short love status that you can use on your twitter account or on Facebook profile. On Instagram people love to share love poetry in urdu. A nice way to be popular on social media is the use of romantic short poems in your wall posts and news feed. You can send Urdu poetry SMS to the people whom you like to keep closer. No matter the length is. Love words can always win the millions of hearts.

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