Lucid Motors Plans to Manufacture 5,000 Electric Vehicles in Saudi Arabia

Lucid Motors Group, headquartered in the United States, is poised to expand its presence in Saudi Arabia by enhancing its production capacity for electric vehicles. While currently engaged in assembling cars and producing select components at its Jeddah facility, the company is ambitiously transitioning toward full-scale car manufacturing at this site.

Initially, the production capacity stands at approximately 5,000 cars per year, but Lucid Motors Group is resolute in significantly increasing production in the near term.

In conjunction with this expansion, the company is also targeting the Saudi Arabian market for the debut of its latest SUV model, the Gravity, following its successful launch in the US.

Since the inauguration of its plant in September 2023, the company has showcased its potential by achieving an output of about 50 cars in the first week of operation. Looking forward, Lucid Motors Group aims to reach an annual production goal of approximately 155,000 cars in Saudi Arabia, signaling a substantial amplification of its manufacturing capabilities in the region.

This endeavor signifies a notable milestone for Lucid Motors Group as it represents their exclusive manufacturing facility outside the US. Through this expansion initiative, the company aims to leverage the burgeoning demand for electric vehicles in the Saudi Arabian market while fortifying its position in the region’s automotive sector.

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