“LUMS Students Complain to Prime Minister for Being 50 Minutes Late, Leaving Students and Teachers Waiting”

The social media video showed a student expressing disappointment because the prime minister arrived 50 minutes late, raising concerns about respecting time and knowledge. The student suggested that the prime minister might not prioritize these values. In response, the prime minister acknowledged the student’s disappointment and explained the delay was due to a cabinet meeting, essential for decisions benefiting students and the country.

Regarding illegal immigrants, the prime minister clarified the government’s policy applied to all undocumented foreigners, focusing on the dignified treatment of repatriated women and children. He assured those with valid documents and visas wouldn’t face restrictions, emphasizing fairness and respect for the law.

Concerning elections, the prime minister explained the caretaker government’s role in supporting the Election Commission to ensure a smooth electoral process, following constitutional duties.

Emphasizing democracy’s significance in Pakistan, the prime minister stressed adhering to well-defined principles, promoting constructive discourse, and expressing worry about hate and abuse on social media. This shows a commitment to democratic values and improving political conversations.

The prime minister also highlighted the importance of legal consequences for recent incidents in Pakistan and parliament’s role in framing laws. Additionally, he recognized the world’s ongoing transformation due to Artificial Intelligence, acknowledging the need to adapt to technological advancements.

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