Sadia Imam and Faisal Qureshi at their best in trending drama serial “Muqadar”

Madiha Imam and Faisal Qureshi at their best in trending drama serial “Muqadar”


Geo Entertainment’s blockbuster drama serial “Muqadar” is receiving nationwide acclaimed by the masses. People are laudimg the superb acting skills that protagonist of the serial Faisal Qureshi posses.

From always appearing on the small screen as the main lead and reflecting a strong influence, this time, Faisal qureshi opted rather a negative role for himself.

In this drama serial, he has been portrayed as a rich feudal lord. He is rather cruel and shows no signs of mercy when it comes to the poor class of the society. The portrayal of a typical feudal lord is very well carried by Faisal Qureshi.


Then we have another excellent actress in our entertainment industry. Madiha Imam has a lot of hit drama serials to her credit. In Mera Rab Waris she was seen opposite Danish Taimoor and the serial went blockbuster as always.

This time, Madiha Imam has appeared as an independent girl. She has received a lot of love and affection from her mamu and mamani. She is deeply in love with her cousin Haris and he too loves her. Their story going on really smoothly untill Faisal Qurshi as Saif ur Rehman puts an evil eye on her.

His obsession with Raima’a (Madiha Imam) thoughts have gone to such extent that he kidnapped her and forced her to marry him.

Madiha Imam and Faisal Qureshi at their best in trending drama serial “Muqadar”

For many people, the story seems to be quite interesting because such coneots are not seen in any draa serial so far.

While isolating her from the rest of the world, Faisal Qureshi wanted to own her through halal means. He wanted to marry her and that what Raima is agaisnt.

In the very recent episode that went on air this Monday, Faisal Quresho black mailed her that if she will not sign the nikkah papers then he will kill her cousin Haris whom she truly loves.

Well, we must say that they both have been gifted the acting talent. Their staller performances are the reason why people are madly in love with these two characters. And of course, the reason behind the popularity of the drama serial as well.

Let’s wait for the next episodes and try to figure out what else we can disvoer from these two characters.


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