Mahira Khan has a reminder for all, suffering from depression


Mahira Khan is one of the Pakistan’s leading actresses. She gorgeous lady has been recently selected as the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees’ (UNHCR) Goodwill Ambassador for the Pakistan.

Coming back to the main subject, Mahira Khan has shared a reminder for all those people who are suffering from depression. She shared some useful thoughts on depression and mental illness and urged her fans and the rest of the people to avoid anxiety and depression.

She took to her Twitter handle and wrote: “Just a reminder.. for anyone who might need it. I do :)”

Her shared quote reads as “Depression is also… Smaller than you.”

It stated that “Always, it is smaller than you, even when it feels vast. It operates within you, you do not operate within it. It may be a dark cloud passing across the sky, but — if that is a metaphor — you are the sky.”

It further added that “You were there before it. And the cloud can’t exist without the sky, but the sky can exist without the cloud.”

The actor has always been vocal about mental health awareness and has also used her platform to give support to anyone going through a rough time.

Earlier, she also tweeted that “When will we start taking mental health seriously? When will we stop calling people mad or ridicule them for how they feel? We need counselors in schools. Not just for students. We need to educate parents and teachers!!”

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