Mahira Khan latest tweet

Mahira Khan latest tweet encouraging peace is all applauded


The recent war tensions in Pakistan and India have made everyone conscious enough to be fully aware of each and every happening in this regard. Alike other TV stars, Mahira khan is also a peace loving starlet.
Her recent post speaking the war and those who cheer war as ignorant, is winning the hearts of masses. She has responded to Fatima Bhutto’s tweet by adding that, “Nothing uglier. Nothing more ignorant than cheering for war. May sense prevail, Pakistan Zindabad”.

Earlier, Fatima Bhutto, a renowned Pakistani writer, has posted on her twitter account. The tweet includes these words, “There is nothing uglier than people cheering for war.” She prayed for the prosperity of our dear land Pakistan.

The reason for these tweets was the growing intense situation in both countries. As we are all familiar with India’s imprudent act of violating the Line of Control between Pakistan and India. In response our Pak Air Force has given them a quick response, forcing them to turn back.
Our Prime Minister Imran Khan has gathered a meeting of National Security Committee (NSC) at his office. He addressed the committee as “India has committed uncalled for aggression to which Pakistan shall respond at the time and place of its choosing.”
He has also directed all the elements of national Power and also the people of Pakistan to be fully prepared for all the happenings.

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