Mahira Khan, Nadia Jamil and other celebrities raised their voices against child abuse


Child abuse is not something to be accepted. Different countries are protesting against child abuse. Among them, Pakistan also stands. In Pakistan, we are hearing child abuse cases almost on a regular basis.

Celebrities raised their voices against child abuse

A lot of Pakistani celebrities were seen raising their voices against child abuse. Among them stands the gorgeous Mahira Khan, Nadia Jamil, Shaniera Akram, Armeena Khan, and many other.

Here is what Mahira has to say about Child abuse,

“Make an example out of these monsters. For God’s sake. For our children’s sake. For the sake of the religion we believe in and for the one they so wrongly claim!!”

Nadia Jamil

“I wish I could assist our current Prime Minister in taking care of children. I’m not good for much but I am good for love and finding amazing people to work in the right direction honestly. That’s what us mothers do. We nurture. These children need the State to be their mother As soon as possible please!”

Shaniera Akram,

Armeena Khan


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