Mahira Khan stance

Mahira Khan’s stance over “tolerance as the foremost pillar of Pakistan” is making rounds on internet


Mahira khan, a renowned Pakistani actress has recently given her viewpoint about the PTI’s decision of removing Fayyaz Chohan from the authority. She stated, “Tolerance is the first and foremost pillar on which Pakistan was built”.

One thing to keep in mind was that Mahira Khan was the first celebrity who has raised voice against Fayyaz Chohan’s hateful speech for Hindu community. She stressed upon a strict action to be taken up.

PTI’s tweet regarding the said issue stated, “PTI Punjab government has removed Fayyaz Chohan from the post of Punjab Information Minister following derogatory remarks about the Hindu community. Bashing someone’s faith should not be a part of any narrative. Tolerance is the first & foremost pillar on which Pakistan was built.”

Fayyaz Chohan who is commonly known for his outspokenness and objectionable comments and remarks for actresses or journalists, have been asked on Tuesday to resign and was removed from his post.

The Punjab government has taken the right decision of removing Fayyaz Chohan for belittling the Hindu community.

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