Malala has urged the United Nations General Assembly to find a peaceful solution for Kashmir


Malala Yousafzai who is always active to social injustices and is fighting for the rights and education of women in Pakistan has come up with a series of tweets depicting the grim picture of the Indian occupied Kashmir.
Speaking for the second time for the people of Kashmir, she explained that she has been keeping in touch with the people living in Indian held Kashmir to know more of the current situation in the region.
She explained through her tweets the statements of three Kashmiri women who have given their stances on the present situation.

She has shared a tweet in which one of the three women was speaking about the current scenario. She explained to her that, “The best way to describe the situation in Kashmir right now is absolute silence. We have no way of finding out what’s happening to us. All we could hear is the steps of troops outside our windows. It was really scary.”

Moreover, another woman stated that “I feel purposeless and depressed because I can’t go to school. I missed my exams on August 12 and I feel my future is insecure now. I want to be a writer and grow to be an independent, successful Kashmiri woman. But it seems to be getting more difficult as this continues.”

While the third one said, “People speaking out for us adds to our hope. I am longing for the day when Kashmir will be free of the misery we’ve been going through for decades.”

After sharing all these tweets, Malala went on showing his concern and sympathies for the people of Kashmir. She declared that “I am deeply concerned about reports of 4,000 people, including children, arbitrarily arrested & jailed, about students who haven’t been able to attend school for more than 40 days, about girls who are afraid to leave their homes.”
In the later part of her tweets, she urged the United Nations General Assembly to take immediate steps for the betterment of life in Kashmir and find a peaceful solution for its people.

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