Man poisoned to death by wife in Okara

Man poisoned to death by wife in Okara


Okara: Domestic disputes are part of the marriage. However, taking the life of your spouse over these issues is certainly not acceptable no matter how severe these issues were.

A case has been registered at the Sadar Depalpur police Station on Monday where a wife has poisoned her husband to death.

The reports revealed that the wife killed her husband by giving him poison over some domestic issues. They were the residents of Bhuman Shah Village, Okara.

The deceased has been identified as Usman who has married to the Ayesha Bibi about nine months ago. Ayesha is the daughter of Nasrullah. With the passage of time, the couple started fighting over some domestic issues.

Ayesha, with the help of her father Nasrullah, has succeeded in poisoning her husband. The police officials are further inquiring the accused.

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