Man rendered a public apology

Man rendered a public apology after commenting on Sarfaraz Ahmed


London: Recently the video of a man harassing Pakistan cricket team’s Captain Sarfraz Ahmed went viral on the social media. The man faces immense backlash not only by the fans of Sarfraz but also from the entire nation. Everybody was seen criticizing him for using abusive language for a respectable man even in front of his son.

Here are a few tweets by the locals,

However, after facing backlash from the entire nation, the man has recently issued another video in which he was seen guilty of his insane behavior. He has rendered a public apology.

During his video message, he has cleared his view point stating that

“He had no intention to share the video on social media as he had deleted the clip and apologized after meeting him, adding that he had no idea how it went viral.”

The man was seen repenting upon his words. He said that his actions and language has “really hurt him.”


Here’s the video clip of the man apologizing to Sarfraz and nation,

Well, this is not for the first time that Sarfraz was questioned about his fat belly and fitness, this has become the trend of our young generation to poke fingers at others.

Everybody has his self-esteem. Rather than harassing them in the public, we must respect our national heroes. They are the future of pout country. I hope his apology is accepted by the public and yes by Sarfraz.

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