Maria Asim Baig Embroidered Chiffon Collection

Manara by Maria Asim Baig Embroidered Chiffon Collection 2020


Manara by Maria Asim Baig features beautiful ensembles with fine quality stuff, excellent embroidery, fine lines, beautifully crafted cutwork and some unique and amazing designs. The unique styled long shirts include the main theme of the entire collection.

As far as it concerned with color ranges, the entire collection contains some soft and light colors like sea green, off white, tea pink, Baby pink, olive green, beige, etc. to highlight the elegance of the attires.

There is a number of women who love to wear chiffon dresses at parties or formally wear these dresses while going to weddings or any other event. As we know that this is summer season going around and we can’t afford anything but something very light, easy and comfortable to wear.

The beautiful color combinations of the entire collection will make your summer quite easy and chic. These dresses are easy to wear and feel. Along with some floral patterns, you can get a huge variety of checkered prints as well.

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