Mansha Pasha responded effectively to Sadaf Kanwal’s problematic remarks about her during a talk show


As we already knew that Sadaf Kanwal is among Pakistan’s leading and highly paid models these days. She has managed to garner an immense appreciation and love by her fans. However, the recent controversy between her and Mansha Pasha has really offended her fans.

Recently, she has attended Ahsan Khan’s talk show, where she has been asked various questions regarding her personal and professional life.

However, one of the questions was really annoying as she was asked about which actor or actress she thinks should not have been in the showbiz industry?

She immediately asked for options but there were no options available and abruptly replied with Mansha Pasha.

Well, we already know that Mansha pasha is an acclaimed actress of Pakistan. The girl is not only doing good at the dramas but also making a name for herself in the film industry.

Ahsan Khan too acknowledges Mansha Pasha’s acting skills referring to her as “a good actor”.

On the other hand, Mansha Pasha was really quick and efficient to respond to her criticism. She took to her social media and mentioned some words for her. She wrote,

“Fortunately for all of us, it is Allah who decides who should be where. He takes you to where you have to be. For the rest, thank you next!”

It is pertinent to note that the two famed personalities indulged into a conflict a year ago when Mansha Pasha has tweeted against Sadaf Kanwal on her #MeToo remarks.


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