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Mard March is just round the corner


Mard March Quotes

Aurat March was basically for the rights of women and to put a full stop to oppression and violence they are subjected you. However, this year’s ‘Aurat March’ has something more to discuss. Instead of discussing major issues faced by women, a handful of women came up with the posters that contain completely hilarious stuff. Some of the posters were quite inspiring and empowering as thinking of an actual ‘Aurat March’ while others were neither making any sense nor having an understanding of ‘Aurat March’.

Aurat March

In response to ‘Aurat March’, there are some fazed and over sensitive ‘mard hazrat’, who have thought of starting a campaign for ‘Mard March’. The men with posters were not as inspiring as we have thought it to be. Perhaps they have held these posters for the mere sake of degrading the oppression that they are subject to. The campaign is getting viral on the internet. Several boys had posters in their hands, replying to the ‘Aurat March’ are seen on social media. Their so to say ‘appealing’ response to ‘Aurat March’ is such as

Well, in my opinion, both men and women are making fun of the march and the purpose it was actually established for. That is not the way to protest. To stand against violence. Women are making fun of men with posters while men are doing the same to dis women from their place. Then what is left behind this Aurat March? We are not getting mature or progressing, rather we are belittling the scope of both men and women through these types of rubbish activities. I just hope that people will get into their senses.

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