Mariyam Nawaz is the owner of over 1 crore shares

Mariyam Nawaz is the owner of over 1 crore shares in the sugar mill: NAB


Another problem is waiting for Sharif family because Mariyam Nawaz has been declared the owner of more than 10 million shares in the Choudhary Sugar Mill. It is also claimed that all the shares have been transferred to Mariyam Nawaz from other countries.

For example, Saudia Arabian important personalities have been nominated in this case. According to Dunya News report, the Saudi person has declined all the deal in writing to the NAB officials.

In this case, it will be reviewed, how much money has been paid by Mariyam Nawaz. If she did not pay any kind of money then what was the consideration behind the transfer of such kind of shares on behalf of Choudhary Sugar Mills.

Almost 10 million rupees has been transferred in the form of shares. Who has paid the money? Who has received the money and what were the sources of money?

Again, this is like a trail of money issue which, Mariyam Nawaz has to prove. That trail of money is very serious allegations. So, Maryam Safdar is under the radar and she is again going to face the trials in the accountability court.

These transactions have been made in 2008. If she fails to prove the money trail for this huge amount of shares then it would be a clear money laundering case. She can also get jail punishment along with his leader, father and party head Mian Mohammad Nawaz Sharif.

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