Marriage dispute in Lahore

Marriage dispute in Lahore – Woman & daughter killed


Lahore: Matrimonial issues are rapidly increasing in Lahore. A similar case has been investigated recently where a women and her daughter were being tortured and gunned down on Tuesday night after indulging into the matrimonial issue. The family belongs to Hanif Park, Badami Bagh area of Lahore.

The detailed report revealed that Sonia and Kashif were engaged however, under some severe circumstances their engagement had just broken up a few months ago.

The reasons are just unconfirmed.

Police investigated the crime scene and discovered that Shahbaz has stormed the house. After indulging into the squabble, he just opened fire and both Sonia and her mother were killed at the spot.

The dead bodies have been shifted to the hospital for post mortem. An FIR has been filed against Shahbaz and further inquiries are under process.

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