Marriage dispute killing of four family member

Marriage dispute leads to the killing of four family members


Bahawalpur: Disputes over marriage are rampant in our society. People have been killed on the marriage disputes without concerning the consequences of the matter. Earlier a man killed his fiancé and her mother over the same marriage issue.

A similar case of a marriage dispute has been registered in the police station in Inhar Colony Bahawalpur where four members of a family are reported to be killed.

The detailed report issued by the police officials revealed that an attacker has entered the house and killed the woman in front. Later on, he has killed the groom, his uncle, and his brother. The killed woman was reported to be the sister-in-law of the groom.

After killing the four members, the attacker fled form the house.

Further investigations into the matter revealed that a man named Rashid was married to a woman named Aisha. The girl belonged to another location. Under the conflicts between the family members of the girl, the man has killed the four family members.

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