Maryam Bilawal Meeting has no value

Maryam Bilawal Meeting has no value: Prime Minister commented


Prime Minister Imran Khan has strongly Criticized the Combined Opposition Meeting which was held at Zardari House today. According to Media Reports, Imran Khan commented that the Group of Thieves is united for the sake of saving themselves from arrests.

Prime Minister said that corrupt people want to blackmail to Government by Economy issue, but people of Pakistan will not support them. Maryam Nawaz meeting with Bilawal has no value, they are just trying to save themselves from the grip of law, the Prime Minister remarked.

Is There Any Fear in The Name of Accountability?

Whenever someone talks about the eradication of corruption from the country then there are two high ranked political parties become worried. What kind of fear PML N and PPP has in the name of accountability? PTI officials gave reactions after the this Iftar Dinner.

Now it’s also a tough time beginning for the ruling party in Pakistan. After the economic stability issue, the grand alliance would be the second most difficult challenge for Mr. Khan.

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