Maryam Nawaz Try Another Trick with Court

Maryam Nawaz Decided to Try Another Trick with Court


Maryam Nawaz is all ready to fight for her father on any stage. She is also not in favor to give any kind of comfort zone to PM Imran Khan. She has decided and made up her mind to appear in accountability court with full power show of people.

After her most recent rally in Mandi Bahauddin, her confidence was boosted. People still want Mian Nawaz Sharif into prime minister house. Only Nawaz Sharif can bring down the dollar flight.

Such kinds of statements we saw after the rally. PPP’s senior leader Khursheed Shah also gave any important interview where he said, “this government can’t bear our one single Dharna”.

So, in this scenario, Maryam Bibi is in contact with other parties’ senior leadership to motivate them for great protest in front of the court. She is still very confident about remaining secret videos about the NAB judge. But she is not willing to show in her press conference so far. Let’s see will she come up with remaining proofs?

Either she wants to engage the government’s attention in these issues or she has not many options left now to save her father.

It is also observed, all leaders and members of the national assembly are not with the statement of Maryam Safdar. They still think PML N’s politics should seek a lawful way to prove the credibility.

We cannot fight with courts, but Maryam Bibi will announce her final decision after meeting Nawaz Sharif. Whatever she is doing or whatever she will do, it is not giving a thrill to PM Imran Khan. He is still on his statement, that this matter is not concerned with him or his party, the court will decide and take action in response to that video leakage.

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