Massive operation in Kashmir’s Soura area by Indian Forces


Another bad news from the valley of Kashmir is on the way. A Muslim majority area is under threat. No one is there to control Indian forces for taking illegal actions in disputed area. Protesters are also seem dedicated because they want to get the freedom at any cost. It’s the right of Kashmiris to live in their land as they want.

Indian forces has decided carry a major operation to prove their brutality in the Kashmir;s Soura area. The protesters from the area showed great aggression against New Delhi’s decision. The Kashmiri people are really worried about the security of their lives.

Indian army men continue the curfew in central and south part of Kashmir. There is no freedom for people living there. An Indian police officer disclosed the facts behind this news. Kashmiris people held a demonstration rally on Friday for the protection of their rights.

According to Geo TV the police officer did not show his name but revealed the secret plan of imposing the Hindu culture in the disputed territory.

On Friday’s protest the conditions were really bad and several protesters got injured. Indian men used pellets, bullets as well as teargas shells. It is also in practice to destroy the business and mental peace of the people.

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