Meera Ji and Iffat Omar offered contradictory remarks on age


Recently, the veteran actress of our industry Meera Ji was invited at the model-turned-host Iffat Omar’s Talk Show. During the talk show, the two beautiful divas indulge in a heating argument on age.

Iffat Omar has asked her about the shelf life of a heroin. While Meera Ji explained to her that there is no shelf life of an actor.

The debate started on the contradictory remarks of the ladies over actor and heroin issue. Iffat Omar tried to explain to her mention that,

“I am not talking about an actor. I’m talking about a heroine.”

While Meera Ji went on the other side of the issue saying that Angelina Jolie should also quit acting now as she is crossing a certain age limit. And so Mahira Khan.

She said, “They should stay at home at then. Most of our actresses have aged but why are they still working? Now, times have changed and age does not matter. Filmmakers are ready to cast mature actors.”

Meera further questioned her about Hollywood films which have been seen in our country.

“Why do our people like Hollywood films despite older women starring in them as lead heroines?”

Iffat Omar tried to explain to her that Hollywood movies are encouraged owing to the script and content and not because of the cast. However, Meera was not agreed over her stance.

She stated, “It was because they are not into these age complexes.”

Turning towards Saqib Malik, Iffat asked him the same question. As a director, would he choose an over age actress for the leading role of his film?

He gives his stance in these words while agreeing with Meera Ji, “The world has changed and now there are characters written for all ages. We can give an example of ‘Baaji’ obviously.”

Iffat ended the argument saying that “This is a problem for me whenever I post my pictures people comment that you too old for this, etc so it bothers me.”

Over this, Meera commented in quite a lighter mood that “I urge you all you aren’t allowed to say anything about age to Iffat Omar” and Iffat corrected it by saying that not only me but all the girls.

Here’s the video of the entire conversation between Meera and Iffat,

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