Meera’s quick response to Mahira for her lauded appraisal for her


Meera response to Mahira

We are all aware of Mahira and Meera’s Chit-chat which is trending on social media. Sources revealed that good things have been set between the two stars as they both are appraising the value of each other through their tweets.
In Meera’s recent post, she has praised Mahira for making the nation proud of having her.
The tweet session started with Mahira’s tweet about Meera where she admired Meera’s skills and performances as an actor in “Parey Hut Love”.
She wrote as: “I just saw a little preview of one of the songs of #pareyhutlove and the song and everyone in it is fantastic… but man you can’t look away from Meera Jee!! Owns every frame!”

In response, Meera was also all set to reciprocate the appreciation received by the gorgeous Mahira Khan. She wrote,
“Thankyou @TheMahiraKhan for such a loving tweet. I will always cherish the love and respect you have given me. Also, thankyou for being who you are and making all of us proud in so many ways. May God bless you forever,”

It is also reported that Meera has also admired Mahira’s humanitarian efforts in September. “One of the women I admire – Angelina Jolie – said that when someone has a lot of fame, they also have a responsibility to give back to society. Otherwise, the popularity is of no use.”
She further added, “I applaud Mahira Khan and Aamina Sheikh for their initiatives and working with Afghan refugees. Especially children and more so, with girls.”
In the past where Meera commented Mahira as an over-rated actress, now she is lauding her by calling her a proud for our nation. Well, whatever their past differences were, both stars are now at good terms with each other.


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