Meesha Shafi responds to Ali Zafar

Meesha Shafi responds to Ali Zafar


Karachi: Pakistan’s renowned singer cum actor Meesha Shafi has been seen quite firm on her stance that her fellow singer Ali Zafar has harassed her on two occasions.

She was talking with Shahzaib Khanzada in his program at Geo News “Aaj Shahzaib Khanzada key Sath” just a day after Ali Zafar appeared in the program.

Her statement is being quoted in these words that she wanted to avoid the incident and did not speak up about it publically for about four months. She has no intensions of performing up again with Ali Zafar after that. For this purpose, she tried hard to communicate him through some representatives but after the issue was not resolved she had to reveal it publically on a tweet.

Moreover, in response to Ali Zafar, the team behind Meesha Shafi has just sent out a statement. Here is the statement.

Well, the case between Meesha Shafi and Ali Zafar is getting complicated day by day. At the end of the day, you and I are not in a position of power to decide who is guilty and who is innocent- its court’s duty. Moreover, any harassment case is going to be quite hard to adjourn over.

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