Meesha-Shafi and ali zafar case

Meesha Shafi’s case being dismissed by the court


Meesha Shafi case dismissed

Releasing an official statement, Ali Zafar took to his twitter handle and not only shared a brief note, but also a video where he talks about why he was in court, shedding light on further details relating the case.


Ali tells media persons that how Meesha’s case has been dismissed by the court, while asserting that the reason why he’s in court isn’t due to the alleged harassment charges, rather he is here to the case which he has taken up against Meesha Shafi, suing her for defamation.

Moreover, in this public statement, Ali claims that Meesha must pay for all the damages that “naturally she is trying to run away from.”

Ali also talks about filing a case against all those fake accounts which involved in running a campaign against him on social media. He believes he’s been quiet for almost a year regarding the matter. However, now, he believes that he must speak up on the issue.

During this talk, Ali says that the innocent ones are attending court hearings when they are not even asked to come.

Ali also expresses his disappointment over the fact that how someone can take to Twitter and allegedly defame a person. Ruining the whole career of a “Begunah Shareef aadmi” while planning their immigration to Canada.

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