Meesha Shafi’s mother recorded her statement regarding the sexual harassment case

Meesha Shafi’s mother recorded her statement regarding the sexual harassment case


On Tuesday, Meesha Shafi’s mother and veteran actress Saba Hameed has recorded her statement regarding her sexual harassment case against the famed singer cum actor Ali Zafar.

She recorded her statement in the court stated that before charging Ali Zafar of sexual harassment, Meesha informed about the incident that happened to her. However, she said that she didn’t force her to file any case against Ali Zafar.

It is pertinent to note that the Additional Session court’s Judge Amjad Ali Shah was hearing the case. Earlier, Ali Zafar has filed Rs1 billion defamation case against Meesha Shafi who accused him of sexual harassment.

Saba mentioned in her statement that “I didn’t advise her to go public with the accusations. I told her to take that decision for herself. I informed her about the positive and the negative effects of going public with the harassment accusations.”

Sexual harassed by Ali Zafar

She explained how she was shocked to know that her daughter has been sexual harassed by Ali Zafar. She stated,

“I didn’t urge her on going public but apprised her about the positive and negative consequences of going public with the accusations.”

She defended Meesha saying that “After getting harassed three times, Meesha had made up her mind that she would not go to a place again where Zafar was.”

Meesha hasn’t informed

The lawyer asked her the question on why Meesha hasn’t informed her earlier. When she was harassed first time by Ali Zafar. Replying to this question she said,

“I think it was because she was embarrassed. Usually, women in Pakistan don’t talk about getting harassed.”

The additional session court has recorded her statement and the further proceedings have been postponed till November 02.

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