Mehar Posh Episode 02 Review

Mehar Posh Episode 02 Review


‘Mehar Posh’ is Geo Entertainment’s recently begin drama serial featuring the real life couple Danish Taimoor and Ayeza Khan in lead roles. The drama serial has received ample acclaimed by the audience and their fans.

Just like any other serial, the lovelife of a guy becomes someone else wife and he could not help it except to surrender before his fate. Danish Taimoor as Shah Jahan is deeply in love with Ayeza Khan who is essaying the role of Mehru.

Naeem is another important character in the play. He is the one who married to Mehru. However, their happiness doesnt last longer as Naeem’s aunt successfully filled his mind with doubts against Mehru. What we have witnessed in the second episode was their marriage.

The character of Shah Jahan is that of a typical lover who wants to see the lady of his life happy and he would go to ant extent to prove his love for her. He is very busy in helping Mehru’s father in the wedding preparations.

The couple was looking extremly happy and gorgeous at their Mehndi. Both Mehru and Naeem are happy to see each other. But Naeem’s aunt has some other plans in her mind.

The misfortune happened when Shah Jahan’s friends started teasing him loudly for Mehru. They started openly calling him as her lover. And in stead of giving them a shut up call, Shah Jahan keeps on bragging the idea.

Not only he enjoyed them saying so but also joined them by adding some poetry and famous dialogues spoken by the lovers. Unfortunately, Naeem’s aunt becomes successful in plotting evil against the couple and wanted to ruin it.

She immediately called Naeem and asked him to himself witness this all so that no one could blame her. Well, the only fault lies in Shah Jahan and his friends that evenually leads to the fulfillment of Naeem’s aunt’s evil intentions.

Naeem heard everything that Shah Jahan and his friends were talking about Mehru. Time and again, they associated his name wih Mehru and that thing really disturbed Mehru’s husband. There is already a seed of jealousy plotted in his mind against her newly wed bride.

Poor Mehru is unawre of all this and she has no idea what destiny holds in store for her. At the very moment, Naeem’ mother manages to convince him to take her off to his house. Naeem has no option but to follow her mother’s advice and they take Mehru to their house.

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