Mehwish Hayat on conveying Pakistan message

Mehwish Hayat on conveying Pakistan’s message to the entire world


Pakistan’s highly paid actress Mehwish Hayat has attended an event in Oslo. The megastar is famous for offering straightforward statements and defending the rights of women in the world.

The stunning diva has been also recognized as a speaker who has started to defend his countrymen against false statements and beliefs.

This Pakistani starlet has attended an event which was held in Oslo. During the show, she mentioned how Bollywood and Hollywood has ruined the entire image of Pakistan. How Pakistan has been portrayed as a negative country in their films and shows.

Her words were captured and given attention by the Sky News.

The “Chhalawa” actress turned to her Instagram handle and shared a video clip of her interview at the British Channel’s show ‘Sunrise’.

She wrote, “I am privileged to have been blessed with a platform to take my country’s message to the world. This was on Sky News’ prestigious “Sunrise” show this morning.”

She went on saying that “Unfortunately this has been going on for some time now and it has actually fueled the rise of Islamophobia in a way that films and cinema actually have the power to build attitudes and mindsets.”

“And showing Pakistanis as backward terrorists or having subjugated women or always being the villain in the movies has actually affected us greatly and has built this image of Pakistanis,” she further added.

She also mentioned that “When I travel, the general misconception is ‘Oh so you belong to a terrorist country’.”

“What I ask for is a fair portrayal not a positive portrayal but a fair one. At least do your research and see how we are and what we are.”

The stunning diva has power in her words for sure.

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