“Mere Pass Tum Ho” Episode 09 Review


“Mere Pass Tum Ho” is taking an interesting turn with Mehwish falling in the trap of Shahwar day after day. Which seems quite interesting to the audience is the change in Mehwish’s nature.

Mehwish has started speaking lies to Danish. Despite being free at the office she tried to pretend that she has a lot of responsibilities and work load.

Danish, somehow, manages to get her point as he himself is earning. However, deep inside something is really pinching him. She is unhappy, his routine work shows how disappointed and helpless he feels. He can’t make her stay at home.

The very start of the episode marks a lie from Mehwish’s side. She is planning of visiting Islamabad while not letting Danish know about it. She lied to him that she has a lot of office work to do that’s why she will be late today.

He, despite unhappy, granted him the permission saying that he is feared of her now. It seemed that he can’t stop her nor she will let him do that. That’s why he makes himself happy thinking that she is doing everything with his consent.

At that moment we actually feel sorry for Danish. He trusts his wife so much and what is she doing? I would rather call it a betrayal. In my opinion, Mehwish shouldn’t have gone for this. She has the choice of quitting the tour but no didn’t. Rather she chooses to lie to Danish than to offend Shahwar.

Things become more cringe after their flight was canceled due to unpleasant weather. However, Shahwar manages to catch another flight.

On the other hand, Danish is worried about Mehwish as the weather wasn’t fair and she is outside the house. He called her but her number was switched off. He called Shahwar and his number was also switched off. At last, he called at Shahwar’s mansion and get to know that he is on his trip to Islamabad.

This thought really made him worried and he immediately arrived at the Airport where he saw both Shahwar and Mehwish coming together while talking to each other in a pleasant manner.

He didn’t utter a single word and takes her with him. On the way, Mehwish asked him if he wanted to beat her. However, he reacts exactly the opposite of which Mehwish has thought. We as the audience, really get emotional to see how much he loved his wife and what she is doing with him.

While reaching their home, he talked to her and asked her that will not go to the office from tomorrow as he will manage all her expenses.

Such a hopeless and poor person Danish is. Unable to find any way out, he even decided to take bribery but couldn’t afford this behavior of Mehwish.

Let see what Mehwish will do now. Whether she will understand his emotions and feelings or she will rebel against him. Let’s wait for the next episode.

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