“Mere Pass Tum Ho” Episode 11 Review


Episode 11 marks the climax of the drama serial “Mere Pass Tum Ho”. The story, that begins with Humayun Saeed aka Danish thanking Allah Almighty for having Mehwish in his life saying “mere pass tum ho to lgta hy sab hy” has taken a different turn.

His only power which lies in having Mehwish is fading right in this episode as he can no longer have Mehwish in his life. It is worth mentioning that the decision is not taken by Danish but Mehwish herself.

Humayun Saeed

This week’s episode marks the broken Danish. Humayun Saeed’s acting skills are surely remarkable but he has garnered massive appreciation by the fans regarding this week’s performance. Humayun Saeed took to his Instagram handle and thanked his fans and Allah Almighty for such honor. He wrote,

“Humbled, greatly, greatly humbled by the outpour of love and appreciation following last night’s episode of Mere Pass Tum Ho. Can’t thank Allah enough for the overwhelming feedback and all the praises.”

He went on saying that “It seems like it was the last episode of the series, or perhaps the last episode of my career but thank you all for your unwavering support over all these years and especially for all the words of kindness for my act of Danish. Need your prayers for my future projects!”

During this week’s episode, we felt so much pain and sorry for Danish who is left with nothing as he is going to give Mehwish to Shahwar. Moreover, Shahwar has played such cunningly. He has lured Mehwish into his trap and then asked her to demand a divorce from her husband and that’s exactly what she did.

Danish was all broken

Danish was all broken when he saw her pictures in Shahwar’s phone wearing nighty and smiling all around. He was still defending her saying “Kaha na us sy galti ho gai”. However, deep inside, he knew that Mehwish has gone.

While during a telephonic conversation, Shahwar again reminds him saying “JB BV hath chura kr ja rahi ho to usy janay do q k wo hath churany sy phly ja chuki hoti hy.”

At one moment we felt sorry for Danish while on the other moment, the audience of the show is furious at Mehwish. How can someone become so shameless and selfish? She is such a vain character.

She is still concerning those 50 million which Shahwar has offered Danish for divorcing Mehwish. However, Danish has refused. Such a man of morals. He doesn’t want to make a deal with Shahwar and that is the reason that he has given him his wife with open arms.

Apart from Danish, Mehwish didn’t think about her son Rumi. She is only mad after fame and money leaving behind all her sincere relationships. She is surely going to pay for all these injustices she is doing with Danish.

The audience of the show is awaiting a dreadful end of Mehwish as she completely deserves to be alone and penniless.

Let see what the next episode will hold in store for all of us. For now, just hailed Humayun Saeed’s remarkable performance in the show.

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