“Mere Pass Tum Ho” Episode 12 Review


Episode 12 of the ongoing hit drama serial “Mere Pass Tum Ho” was perhaps the most emotional one of the rest so far. Mehwish has finally received divorce papers and now she is free to go away with Shahwar. Poor Danish is left heart broken. The viewers of the show just can’t help but see him crying over his lot.

Danish’s dialogue

The serial has become the most talked about after Danish’s dialogue with Shahwar at the very end of the episode. It has become the top trend among internet users this Saturday. The entire nation has criticized Mehwish for leaving such a loving husband just for the sake of money. And perhaps the very last words of Danish for Mehwish have justified her place in the life of Danish after their divorce.

Throughout the first 11 episodes, we have seen him saying to Mehwish that whenever he felt that he is poor and doesn’t have anything he opened his violet and sees her picture and then he realized how rich he is as he mentioned to her “Q k mere pass tum ho to mere pass sab kch hy”.

From a loving family and love story to betrayal, the serial has really gone well among the audience. Some people are even criticizing Mehwish for not even caring about her son. She didn’t even meet her son while leaving the house.

The episode begins with Danish who has requested Mehwish to celebrate their last wedding anniversary. The very moment he uttered these words, we as the audience felt really sorry for the guy who has been betrayed.

“Hamesha Khush Raho”

After cutting the cake, Danish wished her and said “hamesha Khush Raho” this reminds of the famous quote which goes “Mard agar had sy zyada Wafa kry to Aurat bewafa ho jati hy”.  The happy family of three which we have witnessed in the very first episode of the serial has broken into two persons including Danish and his son.

Despite his so loving behavior until the end, Mehwish’s heart is so cold. She didn’t give a single thought to what she is going to do with her husband and son. She is breaking two hearts. However, she is satisfied with what she is doing calling Shahwar to take her to his house right now. She said to him “mjhy dar lg raha hy”. I just wonder how a woman can be afraid of a man who is only wishing for her happiness.

The whole nation is cursing her for running after money and surrendering to her greed. While on the other hand, Shahwar was actually waiting for a signal and the next moment he arrived at their house.

While cleaning the table Mehwish tried to help him but he has once again made her ashamed saying “Aray, rukhsati k waqt koi kam krta hy kya.” However, just like all other taunts, she has ignored this one not feeling at all.

In the later part of the episode, the main event happened, yes he handed over her the divorce papers asking her to keep them in her bag. After giving her divorce he becomes all cold towards her mentioning time and again that she is bewafa.

He refused her to make tea for her, he refused her from going inside his room as she is no longer his wife, he refused each and everything that’s she used to do for him. He has asked each and everything while looking into her eyes and she was left with no other option then lowering her eyes down out of shame. Or perhaps the so called fake shame because deep inside she is happy that finally, he has given divorce to her.

Do takky ki larki

Finally, he asked her to leave his house and by the end of the episode and their meeting, he asked Shahwar that he thought that Shahwar is a wise and intelligent businessman. However, this time he has made mistake as he said to him, “Is do takky ki larki k liye ap mjhy 50 million dy rahy thy.

Saying this he has closed his door and went inside all broken and helpless.

She wrote, “Don’t watch the episode of Mere Pass Tum Ho toning, you will hate me forever.”

This week’s episode has received massive praise from the audience. However, earlier, Ayeza Khan herself warned her fans to not watch this episode of Mere Pass Tum Ho as they will start hating her forever. I just can’t wait to see further developments on the project.

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