“Mere Pass Tum Ho” Episode 13 Review


After the heartbroken episode of the last week, the audience of the show was quite curious to know what next would happen in the life of Danish.

This week’s episode marks Hira Mani’s entry into the serial and everybody has been left with a lot of questions. The viewers have thought that Hira would be the wife of Shahwar who would fall in love with Danish and hence, Danish would marry her.

Meanwhile, many people thought that Hira would be a successful business woman who would help Danish to progress in business, leaving Shahwar behind. However, things turned exactly the opposite of what was actually thought. Hira has been essaying the role of Rumi’s class teacher Hania. For one moment, we were really disappointed to know this. A class teacher? Seriously?

There is another surprise that awaits the audience and that revealed by the very end of the episode. From the very start of the episode, we have learnt that Mateen Sahab is now a best friend of Danish. He discusses each and every thing with him. Even he shared with him that he is going to resign and is planning for the business.

We all know that months have passed, Rumi is in boarding school giving a pathetic performance. Danish first meet Hira Mani at Rumi’s school as his class teacher Hania. She told him about Rumi’s poor performance in the class and exams as well. He assured her that give him a chance and he will prove that he is an intelligent student.

While sharing details with Mateen Sahib about his current planning, he provoked Mateen Sahab’s unconscious thoughts and Mateen recalled the time when he has left his wife. The whole scene gets really emotional with Mateen Sahab getting a heart attack. Danish immediately rushed to the hospital.

Someone has asked him to call his daughter whose name has been saved with “My daughter”. Danish does the same and called his daughter after informing her about her father’s heart attack.

For the audience’s surprise, Mateen Sahab’s daughter is none other than Hania, Rumi’s class fellow. Danish was all shocked to see her crying and asking for her father.

Meanwhile, the doctor arrived and informed Danish that they were unsuccessful in saving his life and Hania heard this. She is all homeless and heartbroken after hearing about her father’s death. She cries with ‘abba’ and Danish was standing in front of him, all helpless. His eyes were full of sympathies for her.

The audience of the show is quite puzzled about Hira Mani’s character in the play. She has nothing to do with Shahwar and Mehwish.

Mehwish, on the other hand, was busy vacationing with Shahwar and they have just returned home. She asked him about their marriage which Shahwar refused saying love is better than marriage. He further taunts her saying, “shadi me divorce ho jati hy love me nahi hoti.” The viewers were actually are anxiously waiting for that point where Shahwar would straight forwardly reject her. Only then she will realize what she has done to her, to her husband and her only son, Rumi.

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