Mere Pass Tum Ho Episode 19 Review


Coming toward its end, the ARY Digital’s super hit drama serial “Mere Pass Tum Ho” is making fans fall in love with the serial. Mehwish (role played by Ayeza Khan) is all alone and realized her mistake.

Mere Pass Tum Ho Episode 19 Review

She went to Salman’s home and seeks shelter there. However. Salman’s wife Ayesha who used to be Mehwish’s best friend refused to allow her to stay in her house. She clearly said that she is very much concerned about Danish, so her inner self won’t allow her to help Mehwish.

While talking to Salman, Mehwish realized how she has killed her husband Danish and his happiness. The news of Shehwar’s arrest didn’t affect him anymore. Salman mistakenly said that Shehwar is the one who has destroyed Danish. However, his wife corrects him saying that it isn’t Shehwar who has destroyed him. By saying this, she was clearly hinting at Mehwish for what she has done with Danish. She is the real reason behind Danish’s destruction.

On the other hand, Danish is doing really well in the world of the stock exchange. Salman came to his office and declared him his guru who is an expert in the stock exchange. He discovered who is behind his success. He forced him that he should tell him the secret.

Har kamyab mard k pechy ak aurat ka hath hota hy

He is actually referring to the maxim, ‘har kamyab mard k pechy ak aurat ka hath hota hy’. However, Danish refused saying that there isn’t any woman behind his success. However, Salman forces him. Upon this, he said that there isn’t any woman but his son behind his success because his son is his strength.

Salman advised him to love another woman and marry her. But Danish refused to do so. Moreover, there was also a discussion regarding Mehwish. Salman asked Danish whether he will be able to forgive Mehwish or not. He told him that Mehwish was seeking his forgiveness. Upon this, Danish said that he has forgiven her.

Mehwish has nothing left to live for. She called Rumi who told her that he is angry with her because she has left him and his father. He told her an incident where Danish came to his house and loudly said ‘Mehwish, Mehwish’. He asked her whether she had called his father the same way.

Big mistake in her life

Mehwish realized that she has made a big mistake in her life. She also meets Hania to discover whether she and Danish are planning to get married. However, Hania clearly said no to her. She cried in front of her accepting her mistake. But Hania corrects her saying that she hasn’t committed any mistake but she has committed gunah because she has left her son as well.

Rumi asked his father to forgive his mother because she has said sorry for her mistakes. He asked very innocently that once his father has told him when someone says sorry it means the fight is over. So he asked his father to finish fighting with his mother. However, Danish corrects him saying that his mother hasn’t done any mistake but she has done a gunah after leaving him and Rumi.

Well, we are really feeling sorry for Mehwish but that’s what she actually deserves. Not only Mehwish, but this character is an example for all those ladies who left their houses to get settle with someone else under the pursuit of becoming rich.

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Mere Pass Tum Ho Episode 19 Review
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