“Mere Pass Tum Ho” Episode 21 Review


“Mere Pass Tum Ho” is trending on social media owing to its brilliant story and directorial skills. The serial is getting popular among the audience and also coming towards its end.

“Mere Pass Tum Ho” Episode 21 Review

Unlike other drama serials, we are still unable to predict what end it is going to face. Whether Danish forgets Mehwish or will he marry Hania. Honestly, we have no idea.

Things are getting so uncertain and unpredictable in the serial that even the second last episode which will air next Saturday would surely be full of suspense and surprises. In this week’s episode, we have witnessed how Rumi tried really hard to fix his father’s broken life. He thinks that marrying Hania could prove to be a very good choice for him and in the audience’s views, he is actually right.

Danish is unable to guess

However, Danish is unable to guess what is actually going on in Rumi’s head. Sometimes, Rumi asked him to forget his mama while on the other hand, he asked him to marry Hania. Well, one thing which is confirmed is that Hania has no issues marrying Danish.

Mehwish has bought her old flat where she used to live with Danish and Rumi. Monti addressed her as Mehwish rather than saying ‘bhabhi gee’. He offered her tea as well as he is married now. Mehwish is regretting her past decisions and can’t find any solution to them.

Mere Pass Tum Ho

Salman and his wife Ayesha are trying to convince Danish to forgive Mehwish. However, Danish named it as they are trying to justify betrayal. He explains to them that if they would find any argument which speaks in favor of betrayal then no one would be able to trust love. His words are deep as he has gone through a lot of pain and agony.

Shehwar back at his house

Maham has brought Shehwar back at his house. She asked him to play the same tune on the piano which he once played for Mehwish. She also told him that Deewan has told her that you and Mehwish have danced together. She also dances with him. While dancing, she keeps on taunting him about Mehwish and he said that he would apologize after dancing.

However, Maham is not getting it, she said that he shouldn’t apologize to him at that time. After a certain period, he may seek her forgiveness and then she will return his honor and his position in Shehwar Chemicals. Shehwar is all shocked to hear this. She explained to him that now he is no longer the chairman of Shehwar Chemicals. He has lost that position.

Rumi’s proposal for Hania

Another exciting thing that happened was Rumi’s proposal for Hania. He went to Hania’s house and proposed her saying that will she marry his father.

Second last episode

Next week’s episode would be the second last episode of the serial. While the drama is going towards its end, we are also filled up with a lot of suspense and curiosity about what is going to happen next.

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