Mere Pass Tum Ho Episode 4 Review


The viewers of “Mere Pass Tum Ho” are engaged with the story line and plot of the serial ever since it has started. It revolves around the life of a simple and naïve man, Danish who has nothing in his life except his wife and his only son. He doesn’t bother about the hardships of life because he believes that he has his wife so he doesn’t need to worry about other stuff.

Well, where we are familiar with the loving cum possessive personality of Danish we also knew Mehwish’s character and her desires. She wanted to live a lavish life where she would be able to spend as much money as she can.

So, what happened in this week’s episode?


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This week’s episode marks some interesting facts about the leading characters. There’s a little fight between Mehwish and Danish over why she rides in Mounty’s car. She explained to him but he is not convinced.

To be really honest here I would be siding with him in his views. According to him, a good and decent girl knows how to say no and stop to others. She can’t even afford to be a victim of others bad intentions and that’s something which Mehwish is not getting.


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However, in the evening she asked him very politely to get up as they are to attend the marriage ceremony of Anoushey’s brother. Danish is unable to come as he has a spat with Mounty and swelled his face. So he asked her to go with their son.

Mehwish is not really a bad girl. She only wants a good lifestyle. Shahwar, on the other hand, has something really mysterious in his mind. He once again tried to talk to her but she avoided.

In this week’s episode, we have also informed about the friendship between Danish and Shahwar. Let me tell you, this man Shahwar is planning something really weird. He even invited them at the dinner and Danish can’t resist him.

The thoughts about marriage and being invited at the dinner by so rich a man like Shahwar are not letting Mehwish sleep. She is constantly thinking about all this.

On the other hand, Danish is falling into the evil of bribery after rejecting his father’s golden words. He has been offered ten lacs. This amount is really very difficult for him to swallow.

Shahwar called Mehwish saying that he has perhaps mistaken her number with Danish. He compliments are again about the sweet melody of her voice and yet she is unable to hang up. He keeps on talking to her and explaining to her how unlucky he is as he cannot turn today into tomorrow despite being so rich. His words are really leaving a thought into Mehwish’s mind.

Danish takes 10 lacs and brings them to his home where he tells Mehwish that he has been offered bribery. She corrected him saying that this is not bribery. In fact this is the result of his hard work and struggles. He thought that Mehwish is right.

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Next Episode Teaser

The teaser of the next episode revealed the dinner reception of Shahwar. The manner he would ask questions to both of them about their love life sounds really suspicious.

Well, we are eagerly waiting for the next episode. The drama serial is really going well among the audience.

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