“Mere Pass Tum Ho” Episode 5 Review


Gradually the newly begun drama serial mere pass tum ho is making its space and interest among the audience and fans. The very concept of the drama serial is luring audience to watch this master piece. Moreover, the power couple Ayeza Khan and Humayun Saeed have been much appreciated by the viewers.

Well, during the last couple of episodes, we were smelling a rat in Adnan Siddique’s intentions as Shahwar. And in the latest episode, it was cleared that he has his eyes set on Mehwish, role played by Ayeza Khan.

As we already know that he has hosted a dinner party for the couple. Time and again, he is calling Mehwish and trying to trap her in the web of sweet words. He tried to convince her that she is not what she wanted to become. She is not happy with Danish and deserves much more than this.

However, she always observed silence whenever he mentioned all this. Danish is unaware of the fact that Shahwar is calling his wife on the daily basis. To be really honest, I can feel that Mehwish didn’t mind his callings that’s why she always remains on the line with him otherwise she could have shut the calls.

It seemed that she is falling in the web which Shahwar has set for her. She is minding his words.

Apart from this, one important incident which took place in the recent episode was Danish’s honesty. He has decided to take 10 lac. However, when he was informed that he has to sign the project of completion of a road which is not even started he refused to do so. He has returned all the money saying that he can’t do this.

His boss appreciated his honesty saying to him that he is really proud of him. However, deep inside, he didn’t like this. And this was evident form his facial expression when Danish left the office.

Danish informed Mehwish that he has returned the money and she is rather upset to hear this. She wants all her dreams fulfilled. Danish explains to her that he will not earn like this. He has everything in this world. And most importantly he has Mehwish.

In the later part of the episode, the couple is all set to leave for the dinner party hosted by Shahwar. While reaching the destination, they have witnessed the grandeur and beauty of his villa. There was discussion over Shahwar’s marital life (his wife is not living with him).

Time and again Shahwar finds chances to talk to Mehwish alone. For the first time, he has revealed his intentions when he said to her that “Ask Danish to take all my money and give his Mehwish to me.” After hearing this Mehwish was quiet. She didn’t know how to respond.

During the last few minutes, Shahwar offers expensive gifts to the family saying that it is the tradition of his family that they offer gifts to their guests. Danish accepted the gift given to him. He has also offered an expensive necklace to Mehwish and asked Danish to immediately place it around her neck.

Mehwish takes off the necklace which Danish has brought for her and wears the one given by Shahwar.

Well, the serial is really getting interesting with each passing episode. We are eager to see what is going to happen in the life of the poor Danish. Whether he will be able to save his love from Shahwar’s evil intentions or not.

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