Mere Pass Tum Ho Episode 7 Review


Mere Pass Tum Ho is getting intense day after day. People are falling in love with the story line and the remarkable acting skills of all the main characters including the stunning Ayeza Khan, Humayun Saeed and Adnan Siddiqui.

We were already familiar with Shahwar’s (Adnan Siddiqui) intentions for Mehwish. He has his eye set upon her. Danish smells a rat and discussed the problem with Mehwish. However, she is not believing him rather she is offending as why he is always suspicious.

Enjoy a perfect lifestyle

What we as the audience are feeling is the fact that may be Mehwish will be trapped in the web of Shahwar. She will be captured by his money, the thing she wants the most. And most importantly, Shahwar knows that she wanted to enjoy a perfect lifestyle where she can live like a queen.

This week’s episode marks a lot of twists and turns in the life of Danish. He went to return all the gifts given by Shahwar. However, he returned impressed by him as he tackled him in so nice a manner. It seemed that he is very cunning. Shahwar has taken Danish’s trust and that is the reason that he allowed Mehwish to work with Shahwar saying that he was wrong and Shahwar is a decent and nice man.

Mehwish visited Shahwar’s office

Things are getting really exciting when Mehwish visited Shahwar’s office for the first time. She is all enthusiastic and for audience surprise, she has nothing to do except to perform the duty of a wife. Like Shahwar asked to take care of him, about his meal, about his bad habits and everything to make him realize that he is worth loving.

Well, in my opinion, being a sensible woman, Mehwish should have quit the idea of working at his office after all these tasks. However, she doesn’t ask anything. Rather she has only given some weird expressions and then agrees.

On the other hand, we have seen how Danish’s thoughts are not letting him sit calmly. He is constantly thinking about his wife and it is proved when he asked for a tablet as he is having a severe headache.

Even he applied for half day leave and on the way, he got two mishaps as well. But, Mehwish is not going to understand all this. She is only running after a lavish lifestyle and money. Soon she will realize that she was wrong and Danish was right.

Shahwar share his married life

Then we see, how she came at Shahwar’s office and stopped him from smoking. He shared with her the details about his married life and the depression that he is going through. In one way or the other, he is trying to get all her sympathies. And perhaps he is successful in doing so. Day after day, Mehwish is attracted towards him and forgetting about what Danish likes and dislikes.

One of the most important lines spoken by Mehwish in this episode was “Ab wo mjhy nahi rok skta” referring to Danish that he can’t stop her now from working there. This revealed how she is getting into the mud of greed. This hints at something very dreadful that awaits Danish.

Next Episode Teaser

The teaser of the next episode has revealed another fight between Mehwish and Danish caused by Shahwar. And it seemed that the Mehwish and Danish have already parted their ways.

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