Mere Pass Tum Ho last episode left everybody in shook

Mere Pass Tum Ho last episode left everybody in shook


The most awaited grand finale of ARY Digital’s super hit drama serial “Mere Pass Tum Ho” just happened this Saturday. Leaving almost half of the population of Pakistan in shook. This serial has a very unpredictable end.

Mere Pass Tum Ho last episode left everybody in shook

The protagonist of the serial Danish who has loved his wife Mehwish so much has to suffer at the end as well. Mehwish’s indifference and betrayal have already made him a living dead however, the ever end of the drama serial in which he breathed his last was disappointed for many of the fans.

Wazifa which actually worked

We have seen how Mehwish has struggled really hard to get him back. She even tried a Wazifa which actually worked. Monty has convinced Danish to come to meet her at least once. But deep inside, Danish knows that once he’ll get to her, he can’t come back from her and that’s what happened.

“Mardon k bary me mashor hy k mard bewafa hoty hn”

Danish decided to meet Mehwish. With fully dressed up, he made his way to her flat. However, Rumi has some larking fears about his father. He has a gut feeling about something bad is going to happen. He allowed him to go to meet her. Danish returned Hania’s engagement ring and on being asked he said, ‘mardon k bary me mashor hy k mard bewafa hoty hn.”

Mehwish is looking stunning and grey and mehron frock waiting for Danish to visit her. And there you go. There is a knock at the door and rushed to open it. The very encounter between Mehwish and Danish has been shown brilliantly.

Danish is grief-stricken

Mehwish welcomes him and makes tea for him. Danish is grief-stricken. While entering the house he recalled all the time that they have spent together and of course the moment she left him. He saw that door from where she has gone from his life forever. Tears pour down from his cheeks. While Mehwish is also crying at the balcony.

Getting her nerves back, Mehwish entered the room and found him going towards the door. She immediately asked if he is going but he refused with a no. from then onwards, the serial was airing at its best. Danish told Mehwish how he is feeling right now. He even asked Rumi to come to this place after 2 hours.

Maham has tried to stop him

On the other hand, Shehwar has packed his bag and is going to leave the house saying that he has known his position and that’s doesn’t suit him to stay in this big house. Maham has tried to stop him but he didn’t because he has realized that he has betrayed his wife and that’s what he deserves.

Danish, on the other hand, started feeling pain in his heart and sits down with pain but continues asking Mehwish that he has forgiven her but she is not letting him live his life. He told her that he has been trying in his life to move on but he can’t and with the last warning of not touching him, he just fainted at the place out of severe pain in his heart.

Rumi and Hania arrived

He was immediately taken to the hospital where everybody including Rumi and Hania arrived. They have been praying for his recovery. Meanwhile, Danish called Rumi and he has been taken into the operation theater.

Danish advises Rumi

With some wavering breathes, Danish advises Rumi not to cry and listen to him carefully. He told her why his father used to come into his dreams and that’s what he is going to do. She asked him that he will keep coming in his dreams after his death. His condition becomes critical and he breathed his last.

Well, for most of the fans of the serial, this was really heart taking end. People started curing the writer of the show and a detailed session of memes took the whole internet by storm. Here are a few of them,

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