People have a lot of questions regarding the recent episode of “Mere Pass Tum Ho”


“Mere Pass Tum Ho”, Episode 09 left everyone questioning about Mehwish and the stuff she is doing. It went on air last Saturday and raised a lot of questions among the masses.

We already knew that Mehwish is such a materialistic girl but we were unaware of the fact that she could be deceitful at the same time. She has cheated on her husband while staying at Islamabad with Shahwar.

Negative roles of Ayeza Khan

Pakistanis are certainly pissed at Ayeza Khan for opting for such type of negative roles. The audience of the show is unhappy after Mehwish took this bold step. She knew that Danish trust her and that’s what she took advantage of. This particular scene from “Mere Pass Tum Ho” brought a lot of criticism mostly on Mehwish. She has cheated on her husband.

She has left for Islamabad without letting her husband know. Unfortunately there started raining and the flight was cancelled. Shahwar told Mehwish while staying in the same bedroom. She was wearing a night gown. She became furious to know this. She even said “Wo mjhy mar daly ga”. The tension on her face clearly shows that she has done something wrong.

Even Ayeza Khan herself doesn’t want to be a woman like Mehwish who has no morals and only running after money.

She expressed her thoughts in these words, “I have lived one life which I never want to live again as a woman, Mere Pass Tum Ho, and it’s not just a story of a husband and wife, the lust for money. It’s a journey of a broken heart.”

The drama serial is directed by Nadeem Baig and penned by Khalil ur Rehman Qamar.

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