“Mery Pass Tum Ho” Episode 02 Review


“Mery Pass Tum Ho”, the recently begins drama serial, has successfully managed to hook its audience form the very first episode.

“Mery Pass Tum Ho” revolves around the love story of a married couple. Mehwish has high dreams as we have been told earlier whereas Danish’s income is not enough to fulfill her desires. Somehow, he tries to please her with the best of his efforts.

So, what happened in this week’s episode?

Last week’s episode has introduced almost all the major characters of the play except one which has been introduced in this week’s episode. The entry of Adnan Siddique into the life of Mehwish has a lot to predict. He has been essayed as a sophisticated man who is interested in beautiful ladies. The very first glance of him clearly shows this and then his comments about Mehwish have proven it to be true.

One interesting thing to be noted about this week’s episode is the wavering personality of Mehwish by the very end of the episode when Adnan Siddique offered his hand for dance towards her. She doesn’t want to offend him and we are still stuck seeing this. Like why? If she is desirous of living a happy and wealthy life then Danish is actually making efforts to fulfill her dreams. And she knew it. Despite knowing this, she is going towards the darker side.

Anyhow, this week’s episode starts with Danish who is at the jewellery shop, buying Mehwish’s favorite necklace for her. He wanted to give her a surprise. However, when he returned home, he sees that Mehwish is off to shopping mall with her friend Anushay.

While buying jewellery for Anushay, she abruptly asked her for a loan of Rs 80,000 as she too wanted to buy that necklace. She promised to give it back by 8 months.

Later on, when Mehwish revealed to him, that she has bought that necklace, Danish’s all excitement just vanished. He didn’t tell her that he has also bought that necklace for her. Rather he has given him 1 lac and 40 thousand saying that he has forgotten the morals of his father. He asked her that from now onwards they will also be able to enjoy a good life.

Another interesting this which we noticed was Mehwish’s behavior, how she was okay with some societal evils which the elite class usually enjoys like drinking wine and dancing with girls.

Even during, the Mehndi Event, she stopped Danish for speaking against the elite as they would mind it. We have also witnessed how Shahwar has set his eyes upon Mehwish during the entire Mehndi function. Danish is actually uncomfortable with his presence around his wife and he abruptly admitted it noticing all that was going on in Shahwar’s mind.

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Next Episode Teaser

The teaser of the next episode revealed how Mehwish would destroy her happy little family. She accepted dancing with Shahwar which hurts Danish. He is heartbroken and under these thoughts, he encountered a severe accident.

Well, the drama serial is really getting interesting and amazing. Impatiently waiting for the next episode.

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