Mery Pass Tum Ho Episode 20 Review


Coming towards its end, “Mery Pass Tum Ho” has a lot of possibilities that we cannot imagine what will happen next. Being the regular viewers of the show, we are already familiar with what Mehwish has done to Danish and her son.

Mery Pass Tum Ho Episode 20 Review

Mehwish is left alone and Danish is getting richer day after day. Rumi realized this and tried his best to settle things between his father and mother. But what Mehwish has done to Danish that cannot be undone. She has demanded a divorce from him and in Islam after divorce husband and wife cannot live together.

In this week’s episode, two major incidents happened. Shehwar’s wife Maham visited Mehwish at her place and seeks an apology for the slap. She further taunts her that for 5 months she has enjoyed her status but couldn’t get in return. She offered her a cheque of 2.5 cror and left the place saying that she won’t see her again.

Danish confessed before Hania that he has decided to marry her. He came here to propose her for marriage. However, he explained that he has given up the idea. In some bold words, he explained why he has given up the idea of marrying Hania.

He explained to her that his friend Salman has asked him to avenge Mehwish by marrying someone. However, he can’t do this because doing so will eventually lead to Hania’s misuse. He becomes really clear to Hania that he doesn’t want her to get used to his problems.

Mery Pass Tum Ho

While leaving the house he told her that he will come again with Rumi and when he will propose her she strictly forbids him. But, Hania has some other plans in her head. On the door step. She asked him that she should not come again because if he will come, then her answer may be ‘yes’ instead of ‘no’. She said so with a smile on her face and bids farewell to him.

While reaching his house, he discovered that Rumi is not at home as he has gone to the hospital. He was being informed that his mother is in critical condition. Danish left as well. He stays with Rumi at the hospital all night. In the morning, Salman’s wife informed that that Mehwish is out of danger now.

Actually, Mehwish has cut her vein. Mehwish meets Rumi and asked if Danish came to see her. Rumi remains silent and she gets to know that he doesn’t want to see her face. Rumi informed Danish that tonight he will be staying with his mother and will see him in the morning.

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