#MeToo: Ayesha Omar opens up about being harassed


Ayesha Omar has always been our favorite most likely because of her role in the popular drama serial “Bulbulay”. The stunning actress is currently engaged in the second season of her hit drama serial “Bulbulay”.

Ayesha Omar opens up about being harassed

Recently, she has appeared in a talk show where she revealed much about herself. During these talks, Ayesha opens up about being harassed in her life. While talking about the #MeToo movement, she said,

“I have been through harassment and I understand how it feels. I don’t have the courage to talk about it yet, maybe someday I will, but I can totally relate to everybody who has been through it. There is no time to speak about it; people can come out whenever they feel comfortable to do so.”

#MeToo movement

Ayesha went on sharing how important the #MeToo movement is. She shared that there are a lot of men and women who have been sexually harassed but they don’t have the courage to publically accept that. She herself has experienced it and it is very difficult to get open about it.

“It is extremely important. If anyone goes through any kind of harassment or abuse in their lives, it is so tough to talk about it.”

A very brave movement

“It is just commendable when anybody in any phase of life musters up the courage to talk about it. I think that it is a very brave movement and I am sure it is being exploited as well but that doesn’t make it bad in any way,” she further added.

She also discussed that harassment has no specific profession or place. It can occur anywhere. However, people noticed more when celebrities speak about it than those in normal life.

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