Mickey Arthur contacts Sarfaraz before World Cup

Mickey Arthur, Pakistan cricket team’s current team director, confirmed contact with former captain Sarfaraz Ahmed ahead of the World Cup. The two have a longstanding relationship, prompting Arthur to reach out to Sarfaraz after his return to the team.

In a recent interview, Mickey Arthur revealed that he has spoken to Sarfaraz Ahmed, but they haven’t discussed the 50-over World Cup yet.

The reason is that there are still several players in contention for the tournament, and the focus is on finalizing the squad.

Mickey Arthur expressed his strong bond with Sarfaraz Ahmed, stating that they have a great relationship.

Although they have touched base, they have not explicitly discussed the 50-over World Cup due to the consideration of numerous players.

However, Arthur emphasized their long-standing connection and the positive rapport they share.

The Pakistan cricket team removed Sarfaraz Ahmed from his position as captain in October 2019 due to a series of poor performances.

During a press conference in Karachi earlier this month, Sarfaraz Ahmed asked about his desire to play in the World Cup. His response was neutral, without expressing a clear stance

Sarfaraz Ahmed expressed his desire to continue playing cricket, stating that he always has a wish to play.

Meanwhile, Mickey Arthur commended current captain Babar Azam, expressing satisfaction with his leadership and stating that Babar is excelling in making the position his own.
Mickey Arthur, speaking about Babar Azam, mentioned that he met him in Pakistan and praised his performance as the captain.

Arthur believes that Babar is excelling in making the captaincy role his own and continues to improve. He specifically highlighted Babar’s batting, stating that it is progressing and becoming stronger.

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