Mindanos, Islamabad


Islamabad’s F-6 Markaz has become a place worth visiting among the foodies as it has opened a lot of restaurants which are offering delicious food to their visitors. Among them stands the “Mindanos”. A superb looking restaurant with a unique and interesting name itself sounds interesting!


  • Spacious
  • Comfy Sitting
  • Superb interior
  • No parking Issues
  • Background Music
  • Amazing Ambience
  • Serene Environment
  • A little bit Expensive

Interior & Ambience

Mindanos has earned a name for itself and garnered public appreciation for taste and quality. The spot is encouraged by many people who visited it once and are eager to visit this spot time and again.

The moment you’ll arrive at this spot, you’ll experience a gateway of stairs welcoming you into the world of Mindanos. The aromas of the tasty and fresh food just make you crave for these tasty items which have been cooked at their kitchen.

Unlike many other restaurant, Mindanos has a very cool and superb interior structure. When I visited this spot, I actually fell in love with the interior at the very first sight.

The comfortable sitting and serenity will further force you to visit this spot for one more time. The ambience was simply amazing. Everything was so manageable and placed is a decent and perfect manner. The inside greenery will help you enjoy a full serene and happy dining experience.


So, what they have on their menu?

They are offering a wide range of food items which include, Breakfast options, Continental, Steaks, Pizzas and pasta. Molten Lava Cake is a must try at this spot.

The presentation of the food is perfect as well. They are also hailed as offering the best breakfast options in Islamabad.

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