Mishal Malik Declared India’s presidential order to abolish Article 370 act of open terrorism


India has disregarded the laws defined by United Nation. Mishal Malik, spoke to the media last day, “India has abolished the Article 370 and occupied Kashmir is divided into two parts, it’s like a clear act of terrorism” One part of occupied Kashmir is attached with LADAKH and other part is merged into Indian Union.

Violation of UN Resolutions:

Once again India violated human rights, international conventions as well as United Nation resolutions. The special status of Kashmir has been snatched by Modi Regime and it’s a very dangerous decision.

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She also said, Modi Sarkar is the follower of RSS. And we should note in 1947, almost 500,000 innocent Muslims were slaughtered. And it was a brutal act of RSS Thugs in Kashmir.

Mishal Malik Tweet:World’s Leaders Should Not Place Tape on Mouth

Mishal Malik, requestethe d Pakistani government to raise this serious issue in United Nation Security Council. There must be emergency meeting with all the major parties of Pakistan to address this issue and place the sanctions on India.

We Can Present the Case in International Court of Justice:

Shah Mehmood Qureshi while talking to ARY news expressed his views, “we have all options open, and after consultation with international relations lawyers this dilemma can be sent ithe n international court of justice.”


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