Call of Duty Mobile Version

Mobile Version of Call of Duty Coming Soon


Probably one of the greatest gaming franchises ever, Activision’s Call of Duty is a gem on different gaming platforms. But in after recent developments in mobile gaming Player Unknown: Battlegrounds and some other franchises are getting more popular.

And Activision is giving mobile version of Call of Duty soon. Activision’s Call of Duty Mobile will most certainly be a current effort at increasing the enormous free-to-play FPS franchise again on both iOS and Android. Call of Duty Mobile will certainly comply with the free-to-play design like PUBG. We cannot say with surety if like APEX and PUBG, the title will be able to provide in-app acquisitions to reinforce the continuous growth and monitoring.

Call of Duty Mobile is being developed in association with Tencent Games. The prior version video game was only designed for PC and Gaming Consoles but the recent trailer of mobile version assures to deliver the almost same level of playable content. In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare the characters like Ghost and Captain Price were popular among gamers and they expect the same to be repeated in the mobile version. Traditional maps and tools will certainly make an appearance as well, contributing to the good old memories.

According to the current situation it’s clear that Activision expects that Call of Duty Mobile means to deal with the trend of video games like APEX Legend and PUBG. While penetrating on the Play Store by Google, Call of Duty will be at the top priority of mobile gamers. But with games like Fortnite with the mobile version having more than 15 million gamers, is it also very late for COD. Still, we expect that Call of Duty will definitely penetrate in the market using loyal gamers of the past.

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