Modi declared war against Pakistan

Modi declared India’s readiness to initiate war against Pakistan


New Delhi: Indian Premier Narendra Modi held meetings with National Security Adviser Ajit Doval and other dignitaries from the defence ministry on Tuesday. During the meeting, Modi declared India’s readiness to initiate war against Pakistan.

The international media reported that the Indian Cabinet Committee on Security has discussed the future strategies on Pakistan. National Security Adviser Ajit Doval has made it clear that three forces were ready for any action against Pakistan. He further asserted that they were only waiting for a political sanction.

For this purpose, Modi assured all the three forces — Air, Navy, and Army — a free hand, while also asking them to ensure that no civilian should die in Pakistan and that the targets should be military-related.

The key takeaways from the meeting were that the attacks will be target-specific; no non-military targets will be engaged; not only Azad Kashmir, the targets can also be inside Pakistan; the attacks will be pro-active, not reactive.

Earlier also, PM Modi had said the forces were given a free hand against Pakistan after the February 14 Pulwama terror attack.

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